ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.12
Desiccant Dehumidification
Equipment & Components

TC Chair:

Mr. Michael Sherber, PE
PPL Savage ALERT, Inc.

ASHRAE TC 8.12 is principally concerned with solid and liquid desiccant dehumidification equipment, its performance, application engineering, related load calculations, commissioning, operation and maintenance. The committee is also concerned with the integration of desiccant equipment and components into other systems and with fundamental aspects of heat and mass transfer as they relate to desiccant materials and components.

[Our scope does not include desiccants used for contamination control in refrigerant systems (TC 3.3), or desiccants used in the operation of either absorption cooling equipment (TC 8.3), or air-to-air enthalpy heat exchangers (TC 5.5).]

We are all volunteers. Our goal is to improve understanding of desiccant technology and its application to your needs. So we welcome participation by non-members. And we encourage you to attend our committee meetings and technical presentations, which are held each year in January and June during ASHRAE's winter and summer meetings.

On this website we post information describing our current and past activities, and also material in electronic form which supplements ASHRAE's printed information about desiccant technology.

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Last updated: January 27, 2011